Fruit Vendor

A localization vendor management game

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We are currently looking for heroes to help fund development of an online version of Fruit Vendor. Our intention is for educational and professional institutions to use the online platform to host multiple games at a time without the barrier of purchasing and waiting for a deck. An online version will also make it easier for us to build themed expansion packs, such as a special deck dedicated to Latin American localization projects.

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    Fruit Vendor is a card game designed to help players learn the ins and outs of localization vendor management. Pick vendors that suit the needs of different projects, but watch out for Bad Apples!

    project card example

    Project Cards

    Fruit Vendor has 3 types of cards: Project Cards, Vendor Cards, and Bad Apple Cards. Project Cards outline a potential localization scenario. What sorts of details would you prioritize for this project?

    Vendor Card example

    Vendor Cards

    This is an example of a Vendor Card. This Vendor, Wise Watermelon, has medical and patent domain knowledge. Their native language and dialect matches the project’s needs. If you play this card for the project listed above, that means they speak standard Bejing Mandarin Chinese. They have good translation education and experience, but weaker technological skills. Their rate is slightly lower than others.

    Bad Apple Example

    Bad Apple Cards

    Bad Apple Cards are hidden in with the vendor cards. They are scammers that will ruin your project! If you want to learn more about translation scams, check out “Key Components of Successful Translator Recruitment” by Alaina Brandt and “Lying Through Their Teeth: Identifying Translation Scams” by Joseph Wojowski!

    Read the press release “Student Invents Card Game to Improve Localization Vendor Management” via the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey.