Win enough Project Cards to end the game. 


  • 10 Project Cards
  • 40 Vendor Cards
  • 4 Bad Apple Cards


  1. Shuffle the Vendor Cards and Bad Apple Cards together.
  2. Choose a player to be the first judge.
  3. The judge deals 5 Vendor Cards to each player, including themselves. Players may look at the cards in their hand, but shouldn’t show their cards to anyone else!

Playing The Game

  1. The judge draws a Project Card, reads aloud the scenario, and keeps the card displayed for everyone to see.
  2. Players (except the judge) choose a Vendor Card from their hand that they think fits the needs of the project.
  3. Players submit their Vendor Cards to the judge anonymously (face down), and restock their hand with a new Vendor Card.
    • Individual Play: For one person play, draw a Project Card and select the best Vendor Card in your hand for the project.
    • For 2 Players: Take turns being the judge. Both players submit 2 Vendor Cards each round.
    • Groups of 3: Both players play two Vendor Cards per Project Card. The judge does not play any Vendor Cards.
    • Quick Pick Option: The last Vendor Card played will not be judged and is returned to that player’s hand. If you snooze, you lose! 
  4. The judge displays the submitted Vendor Cards for everyone to see.
  5. The judge reviews which Vendor Card best fits the needs of the project.
  6. The judge chooses a winning Vendor Card. The winner keeps that round’s Project Card.
  7. The role of the judge passes to the player to the judge’s right, and a new round begins.

Bad Apple Cards!

If you have a Bad Apple Card in your hand and the Vendor Card you played won that round, you may then play your Bad Apple Card to take one of the Project Cards the judge has won in previous rounds! The price of translation scams: money, clients, reputation!

Winning the Game